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Q: Which of the following are elements of the colder principle?

  • 1
    Keep clothing clean and dry
  • 2
    Repair clothing as necessary
  • 3
    Wear clothing loose and layered
  • 4
    All the above
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Answer : 4. "All the above"
Explanation :

Answer: D) All the above Explanation: In scouts, the military and most outdoor books or schools teach the COLDER principal. It is a great acronym for caring and using you clothing.   C - keep your clothing CLEAN. Dirt can break down the fibers of your clothing. O - don't OVERHEAT. Sweat can lessen the effectiveness of clothing. L - wear you clothes LOOSE and in LAYERS. Makes your system versatile. D - stay DRY. E - EXAMINE your clothing. Look for worn or damaged areas of you clothing. R - REPAIR any damage that is found.

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