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Directions: Passage in The folk dances of Rajasthan are inviting and engaging. They are bound to induce you to tap a foot or two along with the dancers . Rajasthani dances are essentially folk dances. Their origin is in rural customs and traditions . These traditional dances of Rajasthan are absolutely colourful and lively. They have their own significance and style . They are attractive and skilful. They are enjoyed by every age group. The people of Rajasthan love their folk dances.


Which one of the following sequences has the three degrees of the adjectives in their correct form?  

  • 1
    Lively , livelier , liveliest
  • 2
    Lively , more lively , liveliestly
  • 3
    Lively , more lively , most liveliest
  • 4
    Lively , more livelier , most lively
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Answer : 1. "Lively , livelier , liveliest "

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