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राजस्थान के कौन से शासक को विद्वानों ने 'हिन्दुपत' कहा है ?

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    नागभट्ट II
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Answer : 4. "सांगा "
Explanation :

1. Maharana Sanga was the king of Sisodia Rajput dynasty in Udaipur.

2. Maharana Sanga was called "Hindupat".

3. Maharana Sanga ruled Mewar from 1509 to 1528.

4. Rana Sanga was a brave warrior and ruler, who was famous for his bravery and generosity.

5. He bravely protected his kingdom from the attacks of the Mughal emperors of Delhi, Gujarat and Malwa. He was the most powerful Hindu king of that time.

7. The last rites of Maharana Sanga's body were performed in Mandalgarh.

8. Sangram Singh I (Rana Sanga) was the ruler of Mewar.

9. He was a fierce Rajput king known for his courage and tenacity.

10. Rana Sanga was the grandson of Rana Kumbha and son of Rana Raimal.

11. Mughal emperor Babar defeated the Rajput army led by Rana Sanga of Mewar in the Battle of Khanwa (Bharatpur) in 1527.

12. Babar described him as the greatest Indian king of that time.

13. He was poisoned by his own nobles and died in Kalpi in 1528.

14. He was succeeded by his son Ratan Singh II.

15. Rana Sanga's nicknames include ruins of humans (due to many wounds), ruins of soldiers, part of a soldier, Hindupat etc.

16. Maharana Sanga defeated Babar's army in the battle of Bayana.

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