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निम्नलिखित में से कौन 1915 के सत्र के दौरान भारतीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस का अध्यक्ष था?

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    सत्येन्द्र प्रसन्ना सिन्हा
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    अंबिका चरण मजूमदार
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    भूपेन्द्र नाथ बोस
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    मदन मोहन मालवीय
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Answer : 1. "सत्येन्द्र प्रसन्ना सिन्हा"
Explanation :

1. Sir S.P. was the President of the Indian National Congress during the session of 1915. Sinha was. This was the 32nd session of the Congress, held in Mumbai from 1 to 4 December 1915. At this session, Congress reiterated its demand for self-rule for India and pressed for greater rights from the British government.

2. Some of the important resolutions passed in the 1915 session included:

- Demand for self-rule for India

- Pressure for more rights from the British government

- Demand for greater representation of Indians in the British Army

- Demand for improvement in education and employment opportunities for Indians

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