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Directions: In the following sentence, 4 words are given in bold. Two or more of these words are incorrectly placed and need to be interchanged. If there is no need for interchanging then ‘No Error’ can be selected.

Vikram was very demolishing (A) with his handling of the chinaware (B), he ended up reckless (C) most of the pieces before they even turned up (D). No Error (E)

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Answer : 3. "CBAD"
Explanation :

From the context of the sentence, we can see that Vikram was a certain way because of which something happened to chinaware. 

Let's look at the meaning of the words:


Now let's assume that the emboldened words in the passage are replaced by blanks: 

The people of Hong Kong have expressed their _________over the _________laws ________on them by the ________country of China. 

The second blank requires an adjective that can be used to describe the 'laws' that involve Hong Kong and China. 

'Foisted' is a verb and is thus not a quality that can represent the characteristics of something. 

The third blank requires a verb that can represent the action taken by the laws 'on' Hong Kong by China. 

'Draconian' is an adjective and thus cannot act on the country of Hong Kong. 

Thus, the terms 'draconian' and 'foisted' need to be interchanged in order to make the sentence grammatically and contextually correct.

Hence, the correct sentence will be: The people of Hong Kong have expressed their apprehension over the draconian laws foisted on them by the autocratic country of China.

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