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“लेखानुदान“ संघ सरकार को कौन सी अनुमति प्रदान करता है ?

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    सार्वजनिक ऋण लेने की अनुमति
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    RBI से ऋण लेने की अनुमति
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    राज्यों को अनुदान प्रदान करने की अनुमति
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    निश्चित अवधि के लिए भारतीय संचित निधि से धन निकालने की अनुमति
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Answer : 4. "निश्चित अवधि के लिए भारतीय संचित निधि से धन निकालने की अनुमति"
Explanation :

A vote on account is the process by which an incumbent government obtains votes from Parliament to draw money from the Consolidated Fund of India to meet its expenses until the elections are done. 

As per the Constitution, all the revenue received by the Union government and the loans raised by it is parked in the Consolidated Fund of India. 

In the run-up to every general election, Parliament votes to sanction the withdrawal of money from this fund to meet regular government expenses such as payment of salaries and interest. Vote-on-account is a temporary measure, it does need the approval of Parliament and it is usually passed without much discussion. 

It is usually valid for two months until the new government presents a full Budget. Ministries and departments can utilize the funds available for non-plan expenditure which includes payments of salary to government employees, loan interest payments, subsidies, and pension payments, based on the vote on account.

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