General English Quiz for Bank Exams

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General English Quiz for Bank Exams

Welcome to the General English Quiz designed specifically for Bank Exams! This General English Quiz is crafted to help you enhance your English language skills, a crucial component of various bank exams. From grammar and vocabulary to comprehension and communication, this quiz will test your proficiency in English, preparing you to excel in the language-related sections of bank exams. Whether you're a beginner aiming to build a strong foundation or an advanced learner striving to refine your skills, this quiz offers diverse questions to cater to all levels. Sharpen your linguistic abilities and boost your confidence as you tackle this General English Quiz tailored for success in bank exams.

General English Quiz

In this article General English Quiz for Bank Exams, I am providing General English Quiz Questions with Answers related to Passive Voice, Narration, Fill in the blanks, Passage etc for those learners who are preparing for upcoming Bank exams.

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General English Quiz for Bank Exams

Q :  

Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blank. Thomas did not ______ the vegetables because he was busy.

(A) bringing

(B) bought

(C) had bought

(D) bring

(E) was bringing

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

The given question has one blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the word for the given options that could fit in the blank correctly. He prefers _______ at the back of the movie theatre.

(A) sit

(B) sitting

(C) sits

(D) to be sit

(E) None of these

Correct Answer : B

Q :  

Pick out the most appropriate word from the words given below each sentence to complete it meaningfully. In the past, Zimbardo   ________ many aspects of social psychology.

(A) researches

(B) research

(C) researcher

(D) researched

(E) None of these

Correct Answer : D

Q :  

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.
 Beat around the bush

(A) Avoid praising someone and demean

(B) Avoid the main point by talking in a roundabout way

(C) Avoid saying what you mean, usually because it is not funny

(D) Avoid using foul words to make someone uncomfortable

Correct Answer : B
Explanation :

"Beat around the bush" means to avoid addressing the main issue or topic and instead talk in a vague or indirect manner.

Q :  

Rearrange the parts of the sentence in correct order.
 There are
 P. reports that toy shops and other
 Q. to prepare for the Christmas rush
 R. non-food retailers are struggling to
 S. get enough stock into their warehouses





Correct Answer : B

Q :  

Select the option that can be used as a one-word substitute for the given group of words.
One who has the ability to do many different things

(A) Versatile

(B) Adaptable

(C) Expert

(D) Specialist

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :

Versatile describes someone who is capable of adapting and performing various tasks or roles.

Q :  

Select the option that expresses the given sentence in passive voice.
All his friends laughed at him.

(A) He became laughable to his friends.

(B) He was laughed at by all his friends.

(C) His friends were being laughed at by him.

(D) All his friends were laughing at him.

Correct Answer : B
Explanation :

The given sentence is in Active Voice. As per the given question we have to change it into Passive Voice.
The structure of the given sentence as follows:
Subject + V2+ Object. (Active Voice)
Subject (objective case)+ was/were + V3 + Object (subjective case). (Passive Voice)
Their cousin showed them some rare photographs. (Active Voice)
They were shown some rare photographs by their cousin. (Passive Voice).
The subject of the given sentence is 'All his friends'.
The object of the given sentence is 'him'.
The subject will be put in place of the object and the object will be put in place of the subject.
And 'laughed' will be changed into 'was laughed'. Lastly, the 'by' preposition will be added.
Therefore, as per the points mentioned above, we find that the correct answer is Option 2.

Q :  

Choose the incorrectly spelt word.

(A) Clemency

(B) Avariciuos

(C) Hegemony

(D) Nostalgic

Correct Answer : B
Explanation :

The correct spelling is "Avaricious." The incorrect spelling "Avariciuos" has an extra 'u'.

Q :  

Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.

(A) Expand

(B) Magnanimous

(C) Miniature

(D) Underemphasise

Correct Answer : A
Explanation :

The most appropriate synonym for "magnify" is "expand." "Magnify" means to make something appear larger or more important, and "expand" aligns with the idea of increasing in size or significance. The other options, such as "magnanimous" (generous), "miniature" (smaller version), and "underemphasize" (reduce importance), have different meanings and do not capture the meaning of enlarging or making something appear larger.

Q :  

Select the c orrect indirect form of the given sentence.
 She said, “She must leave all the bad habits.”

(A) She said she has to leave all the bad habits

(B) She said that she must have leave all the bad habits

(C) She said that she had to leave all the bad habits.

(D) She said that she could leave all the bad habits

Correct Answer : C

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