Free Practice Test 2019 - Practice Questions and Answers

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free practice test 2019

Students always want to find all the questions related to competitive exams in one place. For your best practice, here I have prepared important questions through free practice test 2019 of those sections which are very common in all competitive exams. So start your practice with these free practice questions and answers to obtain good marks.

Free Practice Test 2019 - Practice Questions 

Here, You can practice Free Practice Test 2019 of General English, General Knowl edge, Aptitude Questions and Reasoning Questions.

General English

Q :  

In the following question choose the correctly spelt word.

(A) Itinarary

(B) Itenerary

(C) Itinerary

(D) Itinarery

Correct Answer : C

Q :  

In the following  choose the correctly spelt word.

(A) Necessary

(B) Necessarry

(C) Necesary

(D) Neecessary

Correct Answer : A

Read the passage carefully and given the answer of the following questions.
We are tempted to assume that technological progress is the real progress and that material success is the criterion of civilisation. If the Eastern people become fascinated by machines and techniques and use them as Western nations do, to build industrial organisations and large military establishments, they will get involved in power politics and drift into the danger of death. Scientific and technological civilisation brings opportunities and great rewards but also great risks and temptations. If machines get into the saddle, all our progress will have been in vain. The problem facing us is a Universal one. Both East and West are threatened with the same danger and face the same destiny. Science and technology are neither good nor bad. They are not to be tabooed but tamed and assigned their proper place. They become dangers only if they become idols.
Apart from this, many other countries are busy with their scientific research on the constant gear.
They also involve in hazardous kind of activities. It is not only harmful for the global but also a package of disaster for the human race.
It should be curb altogether and develop the things to create a harmony around the global. 

Q :  

Choose the word which is similar in meaning as the word 'tabooed' used in the passage. 

(A) Forbidden

(B) Damaged

(C) Accepted

(D) Criticised

Correct Answer : A

Violence has played a great part in the would's history. It  is today playing an equally important part and probably it will continue to do so for a considerable time. It is impossible to ignore the importance of violence in the past and present. To do so is to ignore life. Yet violence is undoubtedly bad and brings an unending trail of evil consequences with it. And worse even than violence are the motives of hatred, cruelty, revenge and punishment which very often accompany violence. Indeed violence is bad, not intrinsically, but because of these motives that go with it. There can be violence without these movies there can be violence of  a good object as well as for an evil object. But it is extremely difficult to separate violence from these motives, and therefore, it is desirable to avoid violence as far as possible. In avoiding it, however someone can not accept a negative attitude of submitting to bad and far greater evils. Submission to violence or the acceptance of an unjust regime based on violence is against the spirit of non-violence. The non-violent method, in order to justify itself, must be dynamic and capable of changing such a regime of social order.

Q :  

Non-violence, according to the writer, means:

(A) violence without the evil motives.

(B) giving in to the tyranny of the powerful.

(C) accepting violence as a fact of life.

(D) none of the above.

Correct Answer : D

Fill in the blanks in the passage below with the appropriate word from the options.
The happiest person is the one who enjoys what life offers. ...(1)... age has its pleasures and its pains. Old age has always been thought of as the ... (2)... age to be. But it is not ... (3)... for the old to be unhappy. With old age should come... (4)... and the ability to guide others with ... (5)... wisely given. The old can have the joy of seeing their... (6).. making progress in life. They can watch their grandchildren .(7)... up around them. If... (8). .. life has been a useful one, they can feel the happiness of having come through the ...(9)... of life …. (10).

Q :  

Mark the answer (3).

(A) proper

(B) needful

(C) necessary

(D) unnecessary

Correct Answer : A

In each of the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word (s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate your choice for the correct answer.

Q :  

If I had helped him, he………………….

(A) will not be drowned

(B) would not be drowned

(C) will not have drowned

(D) would not have been drowned

Correct Answer : D

In each of the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word (s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four and indicate your choice for the correct answer.

Q :  

The strike has been called…………………..

(A) of

(B) at

(C) off

(D) up

Correct Answer : C

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