Rajasthan GK Questions with Answers for Competitive Exams

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Rajasthan GK in Hindi questions

Here is the selective and important Rajasthan GK in Hindi Questions with Answers for SSC and bank exams and other types of competitive exams. Rajasthan GK in Hindi has been asked in competitive exams and there are chances to ask Rajasthan GK questions again in competitive exams as important questions are asked repeatedly in exams.  

So, I am sharing Rajasthan General Knowledge questions and answers for your practice. You should also read Latest GK Questions all on one page.

Rajasthan GK Questions and Basic Questions of Rajasthan are very important and generally asked in competitive exams. I am providing 100 Rajasthan gk in Hindi questions for your best practice.

Choose Rajasthan GK topic for Rajasthan GK questions with answers: 

Rajasthan GK in Hindi Questions and Answers 

Q.1 The district of Rajasthan which forms both the inter-state and international border lines?

(A) Bikaner

(B) Jaisalmer

(C) Sriganganagar

(D) Bharatpur

Ans. C [/ correctAnswer]

Q.2 The dry parts of which district of Ganganhar have been converted into fruit stores and food grains?

(A) Sriganganagar

(B) Churu

(C) Bikaner

(D) Nagaur

Ans. A [/ correctAnswer]

Q.3 In which district is American cotton produced in Rajasthan?

(A) Hanumangarh

(B) Sriganganagar

(C) Jhalawar

(D) Sirohi

Ans. B [/ correctAnswer]

Q.4 Which district of the state is called a grain bowl?

(A) Shift

(B) Jhalawar

(C) Hanumangarh

(D) Sriganganagar

Ans. D [/ correctAnswer]

Q.5 In which district is Gurudwara Budha Johar located?

(A) Sriganganagar

(B) Bikaner

(C) Ajmer

(D) Hanumangarh

Ans. A [/ correctAnswer]

Q.6 In which district is the famous Suratgarh Mechanical Agricultural Farm?

(A) Udaipur

(B) Sriganganagar

(C) Bikaner

(D) Hanumangarh

Ans. B [/ correctAnswer]

Q.7 The cotton products of Rajasthan are the two major districts?

(A) Alwar and Bharatpur

(B) Nagaur and Udaipur

(C) Sriganganagar and Hanumangarh

(D) Kota and Bundi

Ans. C [/ correctAnswer]

Q.8 What is the district with the most fluctuating percentage of annual rainfall?

(A) Banswara

(B) Jaisalmer

(C) Bikaner

(D) Jalore

Ans. B [/ correctAnswer]

Q.9 In which district is Akal Wood Fossil Park located?

(A) Jaisalmer

(B) Banswara

(C) Jaipur

(D) Churu

Ans. A [/ correctAnswer]

Q.10 Where are the natural gas based energy projects?

(A) Ramgarh (Jaisalmer)

(B) Phalodi

(C) Pratapgarh

(D) Jamsar

Ans. A [/ correctAnswer]

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