Banking GK Questions for Bank Exams

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banking gk questions

As all of us know that we are in a world of competition. It is a prior thing to develop our general awareness through which one can stand in a good position in the competitive examinations. It is a must to know some important GK questions for Bank Exams. There are some Banking GK Questions that are frequently asked in many types of Bank exams. 

Banking GK Questions for Bank Exams  

Q.1 The proceeds from disinvestment of various public-sector undertaking are channelized into....  

(A) Technology Upgradation Fund. 

(B) Venture Capital Fund 

(C) Rural Innovation Fund  

(D) Portfolio Risk Fund 

(E) National Investment Fund 


Ans .   E

Q.2 World Day for Water is observed on which of the following dates? 

(A) 22 August 

(B) 22 July 

(C) 22 October  

(D) 22 March 

(E) 22 April 

Ans .   D

Q.3 As per new data released recently what was GDP real growth rate? 

(A) 7% 

(B) 8% 

(C) 9%  

(D) 10% 

(E) 15%

Ans .   B

Q.4 Meryl Streep who was awarded one of the Oscar Awards 2012, is a famous. 

(A) Film Director 

(B) Actress 

(C) Songwriter  

(D) Screen play writer 

(E) Costume Designer

Ans .  B

Q.5 Which of the following countries has announced to freeze its Nuclear Program so that it can avail food aid from US and other countries?  

(A) North Korea 

(B) South Korea 

(C) Iran  

(D) India 

(E) Pakistan

Ans .   A

Q.6 Which of the following organizations has agreed to give a financial aid of US $ 4.3 billion to India to help it in eliminating poverty?

(A) International Monetary Fund

(B) World Bank 

(C) Bank of Tokyo and HSBC Jointly  

(D) Asian Development Bank 

(E) IMF and ADB Jointly

Ans .   B

Q.7 What is the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) at present?

(A) 20%

(B) 22% 

(C) 25%  

(D) 24% 

(E) None of these

Ans .   D

Q.8 Which of the following is one of the major functions of National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development? 

(A) Provide loans to State Government for developing rural infrastructures.

(B) Preparing Monetary and Credit Policy of India. 

(C) Deciding Bank Rate  

(D) Providing Credit to Small Industrial Units 

(E) Monitoring and Controlling functions of the stock exchanges in India

Ans .   A

Q.9 India conducted a joint naval coast guard exercise Sahyog-Kaijin-XI with.... 

(A) China

(B) Myanmar 

(C) Thailand  

(D) Japan 

(E) Bangladesh

Ans .   D

Q.10 Which of the following teams won the Africa Cup Football championship final held in February 2012? 

(A) Kenya

(B) Zambia 

(C) South Africa  

(D) Ivory Coast 

(E) Ghana

Ans .   B

If you have any problem or doubt regarding Banking GK Questions for Bank Exams, you can ask me in the comment section. To more practice for Banking GK Questions, Visit next page.

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